Ready for a year of self care, less anxiety, and more focus?

Has overwhelm and anxiety taken over your life?

Are you sick and tired of hearing "try meditation" or some other form of "self care"?

Well, hear me out...You can absolutely reduce anxiety and overwhelm with self care. When it's effective self care.

That overwhelm and anxiety is taking over your life. It is stealing your drive, your focus, and your energy.

You can start 2022 selecting self care that supports you, not only in reducing anxious thoughts, but also in reaching your goals for the year!

Strive for Self Care is my brand new (FREE!) challenge where women like you decide to change the way they practice self care and go into the new year feeling better than ever. I'll be showing up everyday to guide you.

Start taking action towards better self care by signing up today!



When is the challenge?

This year's challenge runs January 1 through January 5, 2022.

How do I get access to the challenge?

When you sign up, you'll receive an email from me with all the details! Be sure to provide your primary email address so that you'll receive important reminders and updates during the challenge. If you don't see your sign up confirmation email, check your spam. Sometimes your email provider doesn't realize you want to hear from me.

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Hey friend, I'm Sara!

I'm the host and founder of The Self Care Lifestyle podcast and creator of content on self care, anxiety, and mental health for women.

Known as "The Self Care Friend," I encourage women to make time for their wellness and embrace self care that works for them.

I live in Austin, TX with my husband who frequently appears on the podcast, and our two children - one human and one fur-child (he's adopted).

Ready to kick off the new year with the power of effective self care?